You already have your qualification in your hand?

Perfect, then we can match you!

"Joy in the work
makes the work turn out splendidly."

- Aristoteles -

To make sure you feel comfortable in your new job, we will help you with all your questions and every step of the job matching process. With us, you will soon have a permanent employer!

  • Secure placement with one of our partners

  • At least one year of job security

  • Guaranteed higher pay than the competition

And this is how it works:

Step 1

Register on our website and send us your documents.

Step 2

We check your documents.

Step 3

We verify your identity.

Step 4

You will receive a confirmation and are thus approved to look for a job with us.

Step 5

We place you with an employment contract for 1 year.

You need more information?
Here is a more detailed overview of the process for already qualified workers:

1. Registration

You will find out which documents and information we need from you during the registration process. Don't worry: You can pause the application process at any time after you have registered once with your email address. Then you have enough time to gather all the necessary documents.

We only accept PDF documents, so you should pay attention to that.

2. Verification of your documents and identity

We value security - for you, for your future employer and for us. To ensure that we all start on a good footing, we first check your documents. If everything is in order, the next step is to verify your identity.

You can do this conveniently via your smartphone - we'll tell you exactly how it works during the application process.

3. Confirmation

If your documents are in order and your identity is verified, we will certify this. With this, you can also prove to your employer that your qualification has been checked and confirmed by us.

IMPORTANT: The certificate is not recognised by the state! But that doesn't make it any less valuable, because our examination is independent and thorough.

4. The Job-Matching

From now on you can be matched by us. The placement works as follows:

  1. We suggest jobs that match your qualifications.
  2. Together with our team, you look for the job that suits you.
  3. Once we have found a suitable job together, we put you in touch with the employer.

From now on, the employer takes over - but you can still contact us at any time if you need advice, a referral or other help.

5. Let's get to work!

You sign your contract with your new employer. In addition to the employment contract, we also provide you with a framework agreement that secures your job for one year at the promised conditions. You can read the framework agreement here.

We wish you much success and fun in your new job!

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